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T F S net: America's Corporate Internet Provider ~ great Kansas City ISP
T I A C: Voted Best of Boston by Boston Magazine! ~ ISP
T I G home page ~ The Information Group - executive mngmnt cnsltnts
T J Productionz Site ~ an excellently produced personal page(s) with much in interest of LA concept
T R A K: Technology to Recover Abducted Kids ~ service used by law enforcement officials
T R W, Inc. ~ more than your credit report source
T V Guide Online: - The TV entertainment magazine
T V Theme Songs and More ~ great archive of popular show tunes in au and wav formats
T W A Sign-In
T. G. I. Friday's Worldwide ~ restaurant cmmrcl hmpg
TableMaker ~ Sam Choukri offers an online solution to creating those Netscape tables - you enter the text on his site
Tabloid News Services
TabNet ~ Internet Presence Provider
Taiwanese Christian Church of Connecticut ~ services held in Meriden, Connecticut
Tales From the Crypt ~ tv & movie script features
Talk America ~ Radio Network (utilizes StreamWorks xingtech)
Tandy Corporation home page
Tar ~ get the "true" compression program
Tarot ~ what do the cards say about your future?
Tea Man, The ~ all about the "world's second most popular beverage"
Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week: the home page ~ Laura Lemay, cmmrcl book author
Teacher Education Program ~ special UCLA outline of subject matter, courses and resources
Teacher Links
Teachers.Net!, Welcome to
Teaching Techniques for Adult Learning* ~ *actual site title: Look Around; - great basics explained on conducting classes
Teachnet.com, Welcome to ~Teacher's Edition Online Resources
Team Works New England
Tech Funnies ~ this network's collection of interesting e-mail questions they receive
Technology at Work ~ real title - Jason VIII: Journey from the center of the earth as presented by EDS
Teen Advice Online
Teen Page, The ~1starnet.com feature
Teens Only! ~ links mentioned on indiana.edu site
Teens, Crime and the Community Program ~ combining education and action to reduce the high level of teen victimization
Tele-Communications, Inc. - TCI ~ well-known cable television service company
Tele-Direct 1997 ~ French or English White and Yellow Pages Directories Database
Telecommunications Acit of 1996*\ actual site title: http://cnn.com/US/9602/telecom_bill/final_bill.txt
Telegram and Gazette Online - Main Index ~ Worcester, MA
Telephone Directories on the Web ~ world wide coverage compiled by Robert Hoare
Telephone Directories on the Web ~ an index of phone books from all around the world
Teleroute ~ European's Transportation Services
Telesol Long Distance, Introducing ~ newer competitor to MCI, Sprint, AT&T etc - even offers on-line directory assistance search
TeleStock - Overview [deutsch] ~ closing stock quotes and other info for the financially minded
Television Workshop
Templates for Homepages ~ Christian Mogensen at Stanford University helps get you started
Templates for web pages
Temple Beth David, Cheshire, Connecticut ~ learn about their history, leadership, special events and more
Ten Commandments of HTML FAQ, The ~ excellent one pagers on creating your scripts
Tenagra Corporation, The - Internet Marketing Resources ~ reference ideas for better Net / WWW presence results
Tess' Corner of the Web ~ a great personal page with a Texan flare
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A ~ museum notes of an old computer
Texas Instruments Welcomes You
Texas Lottery Information ~ get the previous day's lotto and Cash 5 results
Texture Land ~ special free, unique background images for your Web site
Texture zone main page ~ a personal home page with a special feature
Th E 'Lectric Learning Web ~ excellent concepts creates a global learning kiosk center
Thalia: Guide: Compose page-colors ~ a slide color graph will indicate the hexadecimal colors desired
The Body: A Multimedia AIDs and HIV Resource ~ get the facts today
The Case: The fun and challenging mystery website ~ stories change weekly
The Diner ~ sit down and 'chat'!
The List ~ over 3,300 Internet Service Providers (ISP)
The Net ~ Sandra Bullock stars in this timely movie
The Net magazine
The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette, by Arlene Rinaldi ~ Florida Atlantic University and AR provide great info
The New US! home page ~ a newer web ring service - copy their code to your site's page
The Rail -- Central Station ~ make your site one of the engine's stop locations
The Web
The Web Via Crystal ~ an interesting personal home page
The World Links, Inc. Boston, Mass, 1. ~ various links for viewing the WWW
The-Inter.net ~ free public access www server
TheTrip.com Everything for the business traveler except the stress 1-800-4-THETRIP ~ very well produced site with useful info
TheWire, Welcome to ~ actual home page gateway to members of Associated Press displaying latest AP news
ThinkQuest 97 Internet Contest Home Page
This Day in History* ~ History Channel website svc (*link title reads the date)
This is a pointer to... Businesses
Thomas Register homepage ~ American mfg directory
Thompson Associates, Carl -- (303) 494-5472 prof invstmnt svs
Thoughts from the Middle of the Night* *actual site title: is the URL ~ a brief story of a down syndrome experience
Thousand Points of Sites, A
ThreeToad Browser Comparison
Threshold Multimedia ~ prof web designers
Through the 6x6x6 Color Cube: An Interactive Voyage ~ William Johnston designed this site to help you understand the potentials
TI-99/4A Home Computer Page ~ Rich Polivka's hmpg feature
TI-99/4A Shrine ~ a personal home page dedicated to the original computer
Ticketmaster Online - Event Guide ~ CT region
Ticketmaster Online! ~ hmpg
TicketWeb: The Online Ticketing Alternative ~ an internet-based box office for lower cost tickets
Tim's Hilarious Home Page cartoons, movies, sound effects, unique postcards and more fun
Time Service Department ~ U. S. Naval Observatory Master Clock
Time Zone Page, The ~ use the WebShaman's program to get any current time worldwide
Time.com, Welcome to ~ the popular magazine online
Timecast ~ your real media guide - concerts, realaudio, realvideo site lists and more
Timothy's JavaScript Examples
tips and tricks for Paint Shop Pro ~ Darling makes a simple page of explanation for this great tool
Tips for Travellers ~ opinions frm Kaitlin Sherwood hmpg
Tipster home page, The ~ xcllnt gaming/related info site
TipWorld home page ~ features computer/software news, bug reports, shareware
Titanic Live Online
Toast Guest Book Service ~ another free offering to enhance your Web site
Today Date and Time ~ award winning site also contains other pertinent reference links
Today in History ~ from the archives of the Library of Congress
Today's Fun Fact
Today's Stars ~ AdZe's horoscopes
Today's Word of the Day
Today.Com: - News, Weather, Business, Technology, Sports, Fun
Toll-Free Numbers for Health Information
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide ~ extensive list from various parts of the state plus
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide #1 ~ extensive list arranged by state locations
Too Cool ~ excellent site to check out daily for other award winning excellent sites
Tool Shop, The ~ great sample on how using JavaScript, CGI and an on-line catalog works together
Tools and Tips ~ Compuserve's Web page thoughts
Tools for Writing ~ ace your English/Journalism assgnmnts
Tools for WWW providers
Toon A Day ~ order or simply preview the daily fresh clip art images
Toonogram ~ send free Doctor Fun cartoon postcards to friends in cyberspace
ToonWorld welcomes you ~ excellent presentation for custom toons, toon faqs, free toon art and even a toon store
Top Centre Ticket Service - Your Source for the Best Tickets for Sports, Concerts, Theatre and Events
Top Ten Lists from Late Show with David Letterman, The ~ keep up with the entertainer's lines
Top Ten stupid customers comments / questions ~ from the perspective of a McDonald's employee
Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Home Page
Top Ten Ways to Improve your Netscape Browsing Experience
Top Ten Ways to Tell If You Have A Sucky Home Page
TopTown Sounds Library, The ~ mostly .wav file clippings from your favorite movies, tv shows and commercials
Torture Test ~ C Net's Browser Capability Testing free on-line service
Total Baseball, Welcome to
Totally Nickelodeon ~ an interactive adventure designed to appeal to the entire family - an extension of Nickelodeon tv show popularity
TotalNet ~ growing Canadian ISP
Tour AOL ~ read about a couple of their features and comments from some of their users
Tourist map ~ Washington D. C.
Tours : Computing : New to the Net? ~ special feature service from Excite
Tower's Main Page, The ~ resources of the Net
Town-Line.com ~ a list of Connecticut state agency addresses and telephone numbers plus links to their own pages
Towson University ~ Towson, Maryland
Toy Story, Welcome to
Toyota, Welcome to @
Toys 'R' Us, Welcome to ~ popular retailer online
Tracer Net - Find, locate, search People and Money ~ licensed service company charges for research
Trade-A-Link Banner Exchange ~ yet another way to promote your site and others
TradeLinks Home Page - Links exchanged here ~ places to submit your URL for site exposure, plus tips on how to get results
Trader's Financial Resource Guide, A: Stocks and Options ~ a professionally filtered guide
TradeWave Galaxy ~ guide to worldwide information and services
TrainWeb ~ info and photos re: passenger, freight and model trains in US and Worldwide
Trans World Airlines
Transparent / Interlaced GIF Resources
Transparent Background Images ~ a descriptive page on how to create the imaginable
Transparent Page ~ transposes your GIFs, online
Trantor's Very Large Collection ~ MIDI's for your choosing
Travel - Internet Travel Network - Travel Reservations and Information
Travel Channel, The commercial site with timely updates
Travel Information Center of Hawaii
Travel Link Corporation
Travel.org - Travel Directory
Travelers Aid and KidsCall
TravelFile ~ worldwide tourism offices/travel supplier links
TravelGram (Bargains Discounts Airlines Hotels Travel) ~ an international travel newsletter reporting the very latest travel discounts and vacation news
TravelHub #1 Travel Directory (Airfares Cruises Tours Specials Discounts)
Travelocity home page
travlang front page ~ "site xcllnt recomm" p.viger
Treasure World* ~ *actual site title: page3; - shop for specially crafted items from the comfort of your home
Treasures on the Internet ~ a 1995-6 highlight of the growing Net
Trend Micro ActiveX Virus Scan ~ makers of PC-cillin House Call anti-virus program - site requires IE 3.0+
Trendy.Net Homepage Builders Images and Graphics
Trendy.Net Presents - Chat Touring ~ a browser capable of reading Java and frames is required
Tres Bizarre ~ daily trips to some of the stranger sites on the Web
Treylane's Globe ~ one's LAtW neighbor's home page displaying best space view of Africa
Tri-Met Kiosk Trip Planner, Download
Tri-State NE Computer Fairs* * actual site title: index ~ see their exhibition locations online
Tribal Voice - The PowWow Page ~ software allows upto 7 people to chat, send / receive files and explore the Web together using a static URL
Tripod: As the Doctor ~ free question and answer service for Tripod members
Tripod: Book Survey / Credit Debt
Tripod: Tools for Life, Welcome to ~ get practical advice via real life stories shared by other members
Trod Nossel Productions & Recording Studios ~ Wallingford, Connecticut
Trojan ~ an investment program designed to pick winners out of a given Australian throughbred race
Troop 9 Knots - animated ~ these Boy Scouts from Billings, Montana show you how it's done
Truck Companies On the Web ~ links to various motor carriers' sites
Truck Network ~ gateway site to large database of trucking directories and lists for the trucking industry
True Stories for American Indian Youth ~ Native American Culture and Folklore - slow loading server
True Stories Page 4 ~ Hooked on Visions of Tomorrow - Phil Viger's article on TI's official site
Trusts Home Page ~ this organization's goal is to establish trust and confidence in electronic transactions
Trycho Tunes Performance Sequences
TshirtNow - Earth's Bigget T-Shirt Megastore and more ~ over 2,500 selections to purchase online
Tsunami Control Panel ~ get on the info highway via this onramp
TUCOWS World Wide Affiliate Site Locations ~ pick the closest to you and download winsock + programs
Tunes of the 50's and 60's ~ Annie has a large selection of .wav and some midi
TurboPromote Main Menu ~ company specializing in promoting new and existing Web sites
Turkey Movie Page, The ~ see if your worst movie, actor, director etc made the list
Turtle's Web Art and Design ~ Phil highly recommend this person's talents and creativity
Tutorial Coverpage ~ learn all there is to know regarding Internet related topics
Tutorial Document ~ Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script sampling
TV Guide online - Top 10 Video Rentals ~ you even get to see some movie clips online
TV Net - Ultimate TV lists
TV.com, Welcome to ~ special CNET feature of their cable program
TV1 ~ what's on tonite
tvtrecords.com ~ concert info, music selections resource incl contest, musical artists discussion, ability to buy etc
Twin Cities MIDI: MIDI on the Macintosh ~ yes, the Mac can play MIDI tunes but you must learn how to do it right
Twin's Place ~ see what you are missing
Twins Magazine
Ty Inc. - The Official Website of the Beanie Babies ~ a favorite for all ages
Tyson, Poppe ~ intrntl adv agncy

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- U -

U C Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits ~ dinosaurs and other fossils +
U I EnerNet, Welcome to United Illuminating, South Central Connecticut's electric company
U K Lottery, The ~ get the results of the winning games from here
U P N 44 Universe
U P S home page ~ United Parcel Service
U R L - minder:, The Your Own Personal Web Robot! ~ automatically sends you e-mail when a site changes content
U R L Tree, The ~ search engine
U S A .NET ~ ntnl ISP
U S A CityLink Project, The ~ comprehensive list of World Wide Web pages featuring U. S. states and cities
U S A Today
U S A United States Community Page Index
U S Census Bureau's Geneology links
U S D A Forest Service National Headquarters
U S Department of Transportation, The
U S Environmental Protection Agency ~ government's EPA official site
U S Kids Television and Anti-Violence Campaign
U S P S ZIP+4 Code Lookup ~ search their db by street/location
U S Patent and Trademark Office Home Page ~ learn before you do, protect what you did
U S Securities and Exchange Commission ~ official governmental site
U. S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page
U. S. Census Bureau home page
U. S. Copyright office Home Page ~ learn all about how your creations can be protected
U. S. Department of Health and Human Services
U. S. Dept. of Ed. Software, Link to ~ programs for those old computer operating systems
U. S. Doppler Radar ~ Weather Channel's national view (55k)
U. S. Doppler Radar, NOAA's* ~ actual site title reads GIF image 317x230 pixels; current animation view of weather map (520k)
U. S. Gazetteer ~ search for a place in the United States
U. S. House of Representatives - Who's Who ~ now you can find how to even e-mail them direct
U. S. Lottery ~ Indian tribe's official site allows you to purchase and play high-stake instant games online
U. S. National Debt Clock ~ shows current calculated figure
U. S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
U. S. Navy: Welcome Aboard ~ their latest official site
U. S. News and World Report
U. The National College Newspaper ~ reading online material can be very beneficial
U.Vision Hardware and Software Computer Search ~ Computer ESP: guide to companies, products and prices
UConn Health Center Main Page
UExpress ~ Universal Press Syndicate official site featureing Dear Abby, popular comic strips and more
Ulink-Ilink Pages # growing list of interconnected links to various topics on the net ~ Reciprocator Member
Ultimate Band List, Welcome to The ~ formerly Web Wide World of Music
Ultimate Chatlist: Acronym Search
Ultimate Freebie List, The ~ requires shipping and handling nominal fee to receive via snail-mail
Ultimate Halloween Page, The seasonal site you can enjoy all year long with links, graphics, music and more
Ultimate Links Page, The ~ compiled from a student in Scotland
Ultimate MIDI Page
Ultimate TV and Movie MIDI page, The ~ the biggest collection of tunes around
Ultimate UK Vehicle Registration Number Service, The ~ see if your registration number is already in the system
UltimateTV, Welcome to ~ learn what's on tonite and all the soaps' news
Ultra Game Players Online: Video Games, Nintendo, PC, Saturn, PlayStation, Game Info, Codes ... ~ see the latest Top 10 game list
UltraNet Communications, Inc. ~ Marlborough, MA ISP and more
UnfURLed ~ MTV / Yahoo Guide to Web Music
Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden, The ~ started in the 1850's, now approximately 100 Meriden, Connecticut members strong
United Airlines
United Internation Pictures
United Nations Home Page ~ organizing peace, security, international law, economic and social development, humanitarian affairs, human rights
United State Postal Service home page
United States Air Force Museum
United States Coast Guard home page
United States Government ~ SoVerNet links
United States Marine Corps, The
United States Naval Observatory, The ~ performing an essential scientific role for the US Navy, the Department of Defense and the United States
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Universal Studios ~ their official site
University Museum ~ at Univ of Mississippi
University of Connecticut
University of South Florida
UNIXhelp for users ~ helpful information for users of the UNIX operating system developed at the University of Edinburgh
Unofficial Fisher-Price Web Site ~ a great perspective of the famous toys
Unofficial Guide to Classic Jonny Quest, The
Unsolved Mysteries ~ popular tv show program now goes online with requested info
URouLette ~ spin the wheel - land on someone's site (warning: might be offensive)
USAir: Welcome to USAir On The World Wide Web
Useless Information Home Page ~ great site with interesting stories of the, well ...
Useless Pages, The visit the 'go2net' lonely internet sites listed when you get bored
Usenet - news.newusers.questions ~ this address brings you to the popular Usenet service area for new users
UseNet FAQs, List of ~ an inventoried list of documents answers your questions
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
Usenet newsgroup devoted to JavaScript
User Home Pages at Towson University ~ see what the students at Towson in Maryland have created
User lookup ~ Image Finder search engine
Users or Students? ~ home pages from GoodNet.Com members
USFreeway Online ~ unique ISP offers free access if you don't mind their visiting advertisers
USWeb - Outfitters to the World Wide Web ~ inter/intra web designers
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods ~ an archive of Frequently Asked Questions and other periodic, informative articles, posted in the Usenet newsgroup

- V -

V D O net - Real-Time Video & Audio over the Internet
V D O net
V E A Web Site ~ priv co specializing in communications technology/application development
V H 1 ~ music first cable network is now online
V R M L Consortium ~ Virtual Reality online
V R M L Kit
V S P home ~ Virginia State Police online
Vail, Colorado - Ski Resort, Real Info - ~ guides, real estate, retail, weather and much more
Values Plus Shop Connecticut Home Page
ValuJet ~ another well-known airline company introduces their fares / schedules online
Vanished Children's Alliance, The ~ dedicated to the prevention and recovery of missing children
Veggies Unite!
Venette's, Theresa Home Page ~ special theme on stitchery
Ventana: Commodity: Clipart ~ free image resources ready for your downloading
Vern's Web Site
Very Best MIDI, The
Veterans' Educational Resources Agency
ViaNet - User Homepages
Vibe Magazine Online: VibeOnline ~ a music resource site
Vicinity Home Page ~ enhance your Web site with free yellow pages, business finder, interactive maps and more
Vict's Internet Newspapers ~ access to all worldwide publications
Victorian Animated GIFs ~ free collection of a century's images
Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living ~ great resource for reflections of the past and 19th century antiques
Video Game Yellow Pages
Video Games and Stuff ~ a personal home page dedicated to video games like Mario and more
Video Games On Line ~ find any Web site that has to do with the videogame industry - regardless of platform
Video Library ~ this site uses Apple's Quick-Time Movie Player plug-in
Video On Line Browser
View Personal Web Pages ~ frm Prodigy members
Viewnet WWW Services ~ products/svcs: billing express, electronic imaging svcs
VillageMall ~ features a game zone, hot directory, sports, money matters, news and of course online shopping plus more
VINguard ~ vehicle history information for a fee
Violence Against Women Office ~ includes National Domestic Violence Hotline info
Virtual Calendars ~ experimental perpetual calendars require table reading browsers
Virtual Cards* ~ *actual site title: URL; - extensive list
Virtual Cities
Virtual Classroom ~ Sabine Parish School in Louisiana produced an excellent resource site to other sites of interest and info
Virtual Comics #1, Welcome to ~ read William Renn Jr's Web moing fun scripts
Virtual Design Group's Voodoo Doll ~ java reading browser needed - you select the pins and candle; e-mail one, too
Virtual Dessert Machine ~ Good Humor's / Breyer's Ice Cream special site
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit ~ interactive icon presentation
Virtual Hospital home page
Virtual Image Archive v2: ~ thousands of links to sites with digital images
Virtual Mr. Spud Head ~ create your own Mr. Potato Head online
Virtual Tourist Pre-Home Page ~ a mapped based directory of all the WWW servers in the world
Virtual Radio Home Page ~ hear bands from all over on your online computer
Virtual Server ~ Springboard Global Marketing enables you to have your own business server at nominal cost and care
Virtual Youth Hall of Fame ~ recognizes those who accomplish special achievements in their schools and communities
Virtually Everything
Virtually Reality Home Page ~ 3D comics and VR info by Eric Scroger
VirtualPromote - Learn To Announce and Promote Your Web Site Free the Way Professionals Do ~ an extremely valuable, excellently put together resource site - an LA 11
Virus Bulletin Home Page ~ international publication on computer virus prevention, recognition and removal
Visa ATM Locator Welcome ~ pick a state and find the 3 machines closest to you
Visa Expo ~ credit card co
Vivek's Page on the WWW ~ a personal page with his own randomizer
VocalTec Home Page ~ creators of Internet Phone and other telephony multimedia conferencing products
Voice E-Mail 3.0 for Netscpae ~ Bonzi software lets you send photos and audio mail
Voices for children
Volition home page ~ get free stuff
Volvo - home page ~ car maker
Voxware, Welcome to - The Voice in Software ~ PC World 6/97 gave highest ratings for TeleVox Internet Phone
Voxx, Welcome to

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- W -

W A B Home Page ~ Web Assurance Bureau promotes the highest standard of business ethics on the Internet
W C G - Connecticut Home Page ~ part of the Worldwide church of God Web exposure
W C T Y 97.7 FM ~ Norwich, CT
W D 9 G N G's German / American Home Page ~ one great sample of how the Net can be a small world wide web that brings us all together
W D F M: Web Digest for Marketers
W E B E 108 ~ Bridgeport / Westport, CT FM radio station
W E Z N 99.9 ~ Bridgeport, CT FM radio station
W F S B: Main Menu ~ Hartford, CT television station channel 3
W G N - TV Chicago, USA ~ program schedules, sports and news reports plus live-cam shots
W I C C ~ 600 AM, Bridgeport, CT radio station (sister to WEBE)
W I C H 1310 AM ~ Norwich, CT radio station
W I P, ZDNet AnchorDesk - ~ Web Interoperability Pledge calls for Netscape and Microsoft to cooperate on common HTML
W M U R - TV 9* ~ *actual site title: main - ABC affiliate in New Hampshire
W N H U - 88.7 FM - University of New Haven ~ Connecticut
W N L C 1510 AM ~ New London, CT radio station
W O W .com - home page ~ CompuServe service (schedules to cease operations 1-30-97)
W S H U - FM home page ~ Sacred Heart Univ, CT radio station
W S N G's home page ~ 610 AM Torrington, CT radio station
W T I C AM / FM Radio - Hartford, CT ~ 1080 AM / 96.5 FM
W T N H - 8 Television On-Line ~ New Haven, CT station
W T Y D 100.9 FM ~ New London, CT radio station
W U W K Magazine ~ What's Up With Kids allow you to play games - win frog coins and other prizes
W V E C - TV ~ Norfolk, VA channel 13
W V I T ~ West Hartford, CT television station channel 30
W W L P - TV22, News in Springfield, Massachusetts, a local NBC affiliate official site
W W W / H T M L images/graphics/icons/buttons
W W W Hall of Fame, The ~ daily entries of worthy sites to visit
W W W Icons at BSDI ~ Berkeley Design Inc shares their collection of images
W W W Intro - HTML Head Tags
W W W Translation Page
W W W Virtual Keyboard, The ~ click on a piano keyboard and actually hear the note online
W. W. C. W's Free For All Link Page ~ World Wide Entrepreneur's Web lets you exposure your site's URL
W3 HelpDesk ~ aka The Web Designer (Excellent)
W3 Search Engines ~ more than the cmmrcl knowns
Wacky's World ~ a well produced / entertaining home page by Wilma Clark
Wade's WWW Tutorials ~ links to sites about basic & Netscape's various HTML
Wagon Train* official title says 'Links to the Trailblazer, Kid's Wagon, Music, Free Animated GIFs and lots of cool links'
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Walk Through Time, A ancient calendars, earliest clocks, world time zones resources
Wall Street City
Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, The
Waller Family home page, The learn all about them and their pet cats
Walnut Creek CDROM Web Site ~ producers/marketers of CD ROM products
Wanderer Real Audio Oldies Music - Crusin' 50's ~ top rated golden oldies site, you'll spend hours here ... plug-in player required
WANTED:"Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" ~ FBI list
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness ~ medieval war game
Ward Graphics Home Page
Warf's, Jennifer, Personal Barbie Doll Collection! prsnl user hmpg
Warner Bros. Animation Home ~ partake in interactive games, kid section and of course a lesson on creating interesting graphic images
Warner Bros. Home Page, Welcome to
Warner Bros. Records, Welcome to ~ professional productions of their official site
Washington University in St. Louis
Washington University Institute for Biomedical Computing ~ hmpg
WashingtonPost.com, Welcome to
WashingtonPost.com: Non Sequitur Daily Panels ~ daily toon
WasthingtonPost.com: Chapter One ~ the Post's special 'book review' feature on the Net
Waterbury Observer News Magazine - Waterbury Connecticut ~ now an online publication
Watson, Dr. ~ Dr. Watson v2.04 diagnoses your html scripting
Wave of the Day ~ check daily for the specially chosen - this site contains no graphics so loads very quickly
Wave WebSearch, The ~ yet another search engine of those URLs entered by Webmasters
WaveGuru's Wave Page ~ megabytes of great audio and music clips to hear / download
WaveLink* ~ *actual site title: Promote Site Earn Extra Income; - an Australian based service for a fee that pays you commissions too
Waveout 2.4 and #wavaddiction ~ play .wav / .midi music over IRC connections
We Prevent ~ a dedicated organization that helps fight crime
Weather Channel - Connecticut, The ~ includes major towns and tri-state areas
Weather Channel homepage
Weather New International* ~ (actual title states Welcome) - global full-service weather company
Weather Report for BDL ~ Lighthouse provides forecast details for Bradley International Airport, Hartford, CT region
Weather Underground, Inc., Welcome to the ~ great timely, quick and easy to read weather source data of temps and mapped forecasts you can view or add to your Web site
WeatherNews International* ~ *actual site title: index; - their feed service is used by Yahoo and Traxx
WeatherPost, WashingtonPost.com: Welcome to ~ 3,600 cities covered worldwide
Web 302 ~ another simple way to understand the basics of HTML scripting on one page
Web Addressing Overview (URIs, URLs, ...) ~ WWW Names and Addresses, URIs, URLs, URNs
Web Audit* ~ *aka Wishing Wishing - home of the famous Web service plug-ins: wish audit, wish guest, wish snoop, wish history and more
Web Communications ~ web svc provider hosting over 2,000 sites
Web Communications HTML Tutorial ~ an introduction / tutorial on creating forms for your site
Web Counter
Web Design Tips ~ a brief one page contining one's worthy opinion
Web Developer's Toolbox: CGI Library ~ perl programs for Unix systems that spice up your Web site
Web Developer's Virtual Library, The
Web Developer's Virtual Library, The ~ top rated detailed reference site answers most of your needs
Web Engineer's Toolbox, A ~ learn image mapping, cgi info, icon libraries
Web Engineer's Toolbox: 256 Color Picker
Web FAQ's
Web Friend Exchange ~ a newer unique way of linking sites together for random finds
Web Friend Exchange Links Pages ~ randomized surfing active from this site
Web Graphics to Go ~ one individual's talents becomes everyones' free images to take - including logos
Web Interface to Whois ~ internic svc
Web Investors ~ excellent site for basic info (like a full dictionary of terms) to factors for seasoned users
Web Launch ~ Yahoo! features what's new/cool, net events, daily/weekly picks, random selector
Web Letter's Guide to Creating a Web Page ~ downloaded over 12,000 times on AOL
Web Page Publishing with Modern Marketing Techniques ~ Michael Allen Gelman offers his services
Web Page Wizard ~ an easy 1-2-3 way to create a CGI form script useable for Unix systems
Web Police, Welcome to ~ crime fighting agency (from e-mail abuse to international terrorism) with offices in 435 cities in 104 countries
Web Publishing : Sites that offer Free Web Pages ~ valuable list service for Tripod Members
Web Robots Pages, The ~ everything you want to know about Robots, Web Wanderers and Spiders
Web Rocket ~ join and others are launched to your site
Web Search ~ commercialized multi-engine page with additional special / informative features
Web Service, Web Hosting Service, Web Commerce, Web Solutions
Web Shaman: Internet Programmer ~ Grant Lindley offers HTML, CGI, Java and JavaScript fee based expertise
Web Site Design Page ~ animated resource of designing link sites
Web Solutions Home Page "Internet Consulting and Design" ~ a Meriden, Connecticut service company
Web Spanish Lessons, by Tyler Jones ~ includes postscript docs containing samples, tests and audio
Web Surf # directory of some of the best internet resources. ~ Reciprocator Member
Web Themes* ~ *actual site title: Advertising, Marketing and Promotion - Submit Websites - 100% on Target ... their motto states to succeed you must promote
Web Thumper's MIDI Page ~ top quality files for your download and listening enjoyment
Web Tower - Lobby ~ become a free tenant in their building and your site is seen by its members
Web Tracker home page, The ~ complete statistical cookie details of visitors to your sites
Web TV ~ no, not THE Web TV advertised, but a Web Presence host and programming service company
Web University ~ a great way to easily learn the techniques and technologies of the Internet / Web
Web Weaver's Guide to HTML ~ Lady Cobra shares her findings
Web Week -- Ask Dr. Website ~ several of your HTML / design questions are answered here
Web Week, Welcome to -- WW July 22, 1996 ~ & timely updts
Web Wizard for Windows ~ download their 16 or 32 bit versions and start creating a Web page today
Web World Internet Directory ~ reference finding source using all major search engines
Web's Essential Links, Welcome to the ~ award winning text layout
Web-a-Sketch! ~ redesign your ole Etch-A-Sketch drawings online
Web-Counter home page
Web-O-Rhythm ~ a WWW based biorhythm program that creates a personalized analysis based on your info
Web-Star, Welcome to Surf City, Earth ~ much like LA's future concept of various topic features on one site
Web66: International WWW School Registry
Webaholics Anonymous(tm) Homepage
Webaholics home page v2.1 ~ others are hooked on the Net just like you!
WebAppeal - Where the attraction begins .. (aka Assimilation in progress) ~ great story board on the Net
WebCalc ~ try this unique online Web site that acts as a virtual calculator
WebChat Broadcasting System
WebChat Broadcasting System ~ chat with over 2,500 registered users - IE browser preferred
WebCom - The Leading Web Site Host Service
WebCom - Publishing on the Web ~ complete comprehensive resources
WebCom Guide - HTML Guide ~ Web Communication's suggestions and resources on page creations
WebComics - Your Comics Homepage ~ yet another featured source of daily and weekly comics on the Net
WebCrawler Searching
WebCrawler Select: New Sites This Week
WebCrawler WebRoulette ~ 10+ randomly selected URLs from their database
Webcrown-RGB Converter ~ you enter the numbers to see the results
WebEstate Global Real Estate Web ~ mortgage calculators, trade tools, site links and more
WebFalcon Direct Market Tracking System
Webhippie ~ using the 'flair' of the 60s, this site promotes the information fun of the 90s (links, products etc)
WebHits - The German WebCounter ~ a 'fee based' alternative to the busy free services
WebIPO, Welcome to ~ internet public offerings: raise money for businesses via th net
Webitz Group, The ~ Web Developers' resources
WebKorner.Com ~ Charlotte's ISP
Weblint ~ an HTML validator for your home pages - written in Perl script
WebMart home page ~ webpage creators +
Webmaster Expert Solutions ~ complete Web creation tools to download
Webmaster Territory
Webmaster's Travels, The
WebMaster, Inc. ~ web site graphic artist designers/implimenters
WebMastery ~ Lynn gets an LA 11 site rating with features just like those in mind for LA
Webmonkey ~ join Hot Wired Guide via this free connector
Webmonkey - Teaching Tool
WebMuseum: Bienvenue (Welcome from the curator) ~ special artwork exhibitions online
Webnet Webratings, Welcome to ~ Australia's largest WWW rating service for personal and corporation pages
WebPal The Best Web Page Accesses Tracker ~ free trial period offer - displays hourly, daily and monthly detailed reports for nominal fee
WebPen, Informatik's HTML Editor ~ commercially priced software downloadable for easy creation starts
WebPress!, Welcome to ~ corp prof web dsgn
Webreference.com - The Webmaster's Reference Library ~ keep abreast of new developments
Webreference.com: Animation Tutorial
Webring, The: Home ~ visit sites preselected for you by category
WebServ - Abstract ~ aka Teaching and Publishing on the Worldwide Web - this October '95 documentary is still valuable today
WebSideStory's World Top 1000 List ~ find out what other's are enjoying
Website Advertising, Marketing and Traffic Building Services from Wallace Marketing ~ a professional marketing agency
WebSitez - Search engine for domain name addresses, beats Internic WhoIs ~ find any Web address / site in the world
Websmile - Hot HTML Tips ~ including JAVA scripts and more helpful ideas
Webspice.com ~ commercial software source of graphics for Web site creation / usage
WebStep TOP 100 Free Listings ~ places to list your URL/website
WebSwim ~ all about the swimming competitive sport
WebTips - Free Web Site Promotion ~ place their icon button on your site so visitors can e-mail others about you
Webtivities Inc. entrance page ~ free internet services, entertainment, education, commercial sites +
WebTools ~ an 'org'anization setup to assist your resource needs
WebTrack, Jupiter ~ excellent resource for those wishing to market / advertise via the Web
WebTurbo - Free Software That Lets You Surf the Web Faster ~ requires Netscape or Internet Explorer Browser running on Windows 95 or NT 4.0 systems
WebTV ~ the network service that let's you see the Web on your television set
WebWeek ~ the newspaper for Internet technology and e-commerce with online access
WebZone Home Page, The ~ Tulsa Oklahoma ISP with great info and access to member home pages
Weekly Bookmark, The ~ updated site reviews by Matt Alberts
Weekly Bookmark, The ~ Matt Alberts attempts to inform, instruct and support the Internet community with his tidbits
Weekly Web Poll ~ visit this site every week to partake in the surveys
Weird Fact of the Day Archives ~ great source of trivia info
Welcome Mall, The
Welcome to the Internet ~ Q L D - Australian ISP
Weldon, David, REALTOR - Southern California ~ Century 21 Wright
Welkom in de farm ~ Jolanda's farm home page in the Netherlands
Well, The ~ fun and intelligent conference rooms available to paid monthly membership
Wells Fargo Fugitive Publicity ~ preview the mug shots of people on their wanted list
Werbal: Advertising Agency - The 10 Commandments ~ provides excellent samples of great composure for the Net
Wesleyan home page ~ Middletown, CT Univ
Wham ~ waveform hold and modify utility for working with audio files - Win 3.1 compatible
What Good is Math? ~ a great educational page put together by the students at University of Richmond
What would you like to do? ~ New England activity places, CT state parks, sporting fun, etc
What you need to know to become a Police Officer ~ CAmeron lists a minimum of 7 necessary steps
What's Cool? ~ Netscape's team's selection
What's In Your Name? - demonstration analysis ~ if you didn't have a name, how would you identify yourself?
What's New -- The complete listing of new Web sites on the Internet ~ find out what's new on the Net
What's New on the Internet (tm) ~ daily writeups of arriving sites
What's On Stage ~ Britain's National Performing Arts Information Service
What's Up Interactive ~ media consulting firm: web site creation/maintenance, fax design, audio news releases
What-U-Seek ~ you could search, add your own URL or simply browse
Wheel of Fortune home page
Where Did They Go? ~ find personal / company names, addresses, e-mail accounts, URLs that have recently changed locations
Where.com ~ graphical web presence designers with multiple pricing structure
Where2Go.com, Welcome to ~ global electronic search business directory
Which Browser? ~ see the live stats showing which browser the world is using
White House, Welcome to the ~ learn more about the Presidents, tour the building archives
WhiteBoard ~ create your drawings online so others with JAVA capable browsers can add or view your art work
WhizBang ~ order the computer usable fonts providing comic-book style design
Who's Who at the World Wide Web Consortium ~ learn more about who invented the WWW and others
Who? Me? Search Form ~ a new, unique way of leaving a message or checking on who may have left one for you
Whois, Web Interface to ~ service provided by InterNIC identifies who has registered a certain domain name
Whole Brain Atlas, The ~ Keith A. Johnson, M.D. and J. Alex Becker provide graphic info
Whole Earth Networks ~ California ISP
Whole Wired Word, The
Whoop It Up Monthly Madness, Playoffs, Prizes, Contests ~ you participate with basketball season
WhoWhere? Email Addresses
Why? InterNetworking ~ web page designers/producers
WickNet NetCatch ~ a different featured site everyday
Wierd Fact
Wilcox Regional Technical High School ~ Meriden, Connecticut
Wild Life, The
Wiley Inn, The - welcome back to Vermont ~ relax in Peru - New England style
Will's Home Page
Willamette University Main Web Page ~ Salem, Oregon
Willoughby's Home Page, Karen ~ colorful presentation of many of LA's features
Willow Tree, The ~ an online magazine written by kids for kids - Jessica Viger, editor
Willy 'n' Ethel ~ another creative daily toon
Wilson's, Tommy Soundboard ~ great home page
Windham Airport ~ IJD in East Windham, CT info
Windows 95 Discussion Forum : Tips and Tricks ~ ask and learn about the 32 bit workings
Windows Magazine PC Tips, News and Reviews ~ this is a definite must see for all PC users
Windows on the World ~ adding Internet access to PC's according to this 1995 document
Windows Play Any File ~ audio play pc + utility
Windows to the Universe, Introductioin to ~ fun and innovative coverage on earth and space sciences
Windows95.com - The Internet's Premiere Windows 95 Web Site ~ drivers, shareware, tutorials and more
Winforce* *actual site title is main URL ~ the Nordahl family from Sweden have produced an interesting Windows utility program
Winnie the Pooh - An Expotition
WinSite(tm) Archive ~ holders of the software archives for share/trial ware program files
Winsock Connections ~ how to set up a winsock connection and much more technical info
Winston Cup Online's Speedworld
Winter, Douglas Numismatics - rare gold coins ~ commercial site for buying / selling
Winternet, Welcome to ~ Minnesota's leading Internet Service Provider
winWeb and MacWeb ~ TradeWave's commercial products for inter/intraNet browsing
WinZip home page
Wired ~ popular magazine with Net developing news and online access to hot features
Wishing Plug In CGI Specialists ~ Introduction Page
Wittrowsky, Axel at Geo-Cities ~ a home page utilizing real audio and midi features
Wolfe's, Chris Awesome Home Page ~ an extremely well done single page by a 14 year old
Women's Wire, Welcome to ~ commercialized e-zine
Woodshed, The gather MIDIs, WAVs, photos and humor from Martha Decker's selection
Woolley Home Page ~ interesting use of lower level very wide icon access
Word Play ~ if you like the dictionary, this site is for you
Working @ Home ~ outstanding site from creator who shares her entrepreneurial experiences
World (wide web) Time ~ select any section of the colored maps and find out the time in that portion of the world
World Alumni Net ~ enter your graduating school and personal name - see if your friends have done the same
World Birthday Web (WBW)
World Equine Health Network ~ your complete horse health resource
World Factbook 1995, The
World Famous Guestbook and CGI Shop, The
World Flag Database ~ one source of all flown
World Flying Flags ~ specially created animated flags of various countries
World History - HyperHistory ~ a growing Web project which covers 3000 years of world history
World Image: Diaries (Journals) on the Internet
World Maps
World of Interest Net fast-track ~ a near exact duplicate of LA site intentions
World of Lily Wong, The ~ American cartoonist Larry Feign displays his talents via the South China coast favorite secretary
World of Robert Paul, The
World Radio Network Online ~ direct acess to worldwide stations you can hear live over the Net
World Wide Arts Resources ~ galleries, museums, for sale, festivals, schools, (even theatre, dance, antiques, crafts)
World Wide Camp Directory, The ~ database of locations and other great info
World Wide Foods: Steaks, Seafood, Game Meats, Desserts, Produce ~ order Lewis Gold Label products online
World Wide Mart, Welcome to The ~ Internet Presence Provider
World Wide MIDI ~ get the latest, worldwide, assorted tunes you're looking for
World Wide Radio ~ access hundreds of US and other countries' radio stations with/out Web sites
World Wide Registry
World Wide Web ~ HTML Reference, creating and navigating sites
World Wide Web Authoring ~ Eric Kaplan explains/shows HTML
World Wide Web Consortium ~ W3C
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), The ~ main intro page
World Wide Web Design Resources ~ C/IAM list of WWW manuals
World Wide Web FAQs and Guides ~ incl developer/provider tools, Perl etc
World Wide Web Gaming Infobase ~ click the map and get the latest state's winning numbers
World Wide Web of Sports ~ you pick the category - it'll most likely be there
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Audio, The ~ an excellent resource to sites containing music and other audio recordings
World Wide Web Yellow Pages ~ service of Macmillan Computer Publishing
World Wide Webaholics ~ membership Webring that also sends monthly newsletters
World Wildlife Fund - US Site ~ this non-profit organization helps you understand the dangers and species at risk
World's Easiest Home Page, The customized business printing service
World's Most Wanted, The ~ US listings by state / city, US marshalls' listings by district, bail jumpers, APBs and more
World-Traveler home page ~ Australia, Caribbean, Europe and UK travel information
World-Wide Web Servers
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Cryptography, PGP and Your Privacy ~ the light details on this method
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electronic Journals, The
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue, The
World-Wide Webfoot ~ Kate Sherwood (aka Ducky) has put together this simple but enjoyable personal page
World.Hire ~search and look at job postings - then submit your resume direct
WorldMaster home page ~ Compuserve's 'OurWorld' special feature
WorldPages: Find the World Here ~ a thorough search engine for finding business, people, government info all over the world
Worlds Chat (TM) ~ here's a great place to conduct your IRC conferences
WorldTime: interactive atlas, time info, public holidays ~ you can even see when the sun will rise / set
Worldwide Church of God Local Congregations Online ~ ordained ministers and local congregation information
WorldWide Guide to Music ~ WorldWide Net Corporation's hotlist of music type sites to visit
WorldWide News ~ an LA type of site of URL categorzied references
WorldWideNow.com ~ Web presence designers / hosts
Writers Guild of America, Welcome to The
Writing HTML ~ teachers on / off line tutorial
wtools ~ special programs for your Web server
WWPlus Home Page ~ a shareware wallpaper creator program
WWW & Internet manuals, WWW Demos (4-Mar-1996)
WWW Internet Fund home page ~ world's first internet mutual fund!
www.4kids.org ~ designed to highlight fun, educational and safe spots for kids to visit on the Web
WWW.GAMERS.ORG ~ DoomGate FAQ: Doom, Doom II, Ultimate Doom
www.geocities.com/~tvjukebox/sound.html ~ great use of frames to play tv themes
www.gifworld.com - The Best Animated GIF Site on the Web ~ partially commercialized site
www.student, Welcome to ~ Dutch home page projects of students in Wageningen, the Netherlands
WWWeblint ~ subscription paid service checks your pages HTML usage
WWWW - World Wide Web Worm ~ search engine

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X-Files Australian Homepage, The
X-Files, The ~ 20th Century / Fox official Web site
X-land: A piece of World on your screen! ~ Italian / English search engines
Xensei Corporation, The Boston, MA/South Bay area ISP and presence provider
Xerox PARC Map Viewer ~ Excellent production from Xerox and the Palo Alto Research Center enable you to see details from an interactive atlas
Xerox, The Document Company
XFILES home page
Xiaomu's Internet Apps ~ from winsocks, to editors, browsers and much more
Xilng - StreamWorks NOW! ~ audio/video browser plug-in
Xoom - Free Homepages, clip art, communities, software ~ a different service with a similar concept to GeoCities

- Y -

Y I L: Surf School ~ Yahoo Internet Live - your guide to the best of the Web
Yahoo - News and Media:Newspapers:College and University ~ college and university newspapers on the Web
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Internet: World Wide Web: Announcement Service
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Internet: World Wide Web: Browsers
Yahoo! - What's New ~ this page changes daily for the latest site entries
Yahoo! Classifieds ~ find a job anywhere in the United States
Yahoo! Internet Life ~ Ziff Davis' publication also a daily online guide to the Web
Yahoo! People Search
Yahoo's Picks of the Week Website, Jump to
Yahooligans! ~ web guide for kids
Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual ~ center for advanced instructional media
Yale Radio - W Y B C 94.3 FM ~ Yale Univ, New Haven, CT radio station
Yale University Front Door
Yamada Language Center Font Archive ~ excellent graphical resource of various language symbols
Yamaha ~ official home page of corporate multi-media / audio equipment and software players
Yamaha, Welcome to ~ electronics, midplug, guitars, motorized products
Yankee Energy Systems, Inc. ~ Connecticut's natural gas company based in Meriden
Yellow Submarine's Random Compliments Generator ~ you enter how many you want, then use the option to e-mail them to someone
Yellowstone Journal ~ about the national park
Yeti Snowball Fight ~ using your browser and shockwave plug-in, you throw snowballs at the snow monster hopefully before he hits you
You Can with Beakman and Jax ~ kids' fun/educational questions get answered
You Rule School ~ General Mills cereal company's excellent site for kids
Your Free Survival Guide Glossary to the Internet and World Wide Web. Compliments of the Web Page Company, FREE Web Pages!!! Newport, RI USA!!!
Your lucky fortune cookie
Your Small Office ~ magazine publication (incl Home Office Computing) online - make your ventures a success
Youth Online Awards Page ~ now there's special recognition to our younger contributors

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Z Auction, Welcome to ~ make bids on the computer items you want online
Z D Net Software Library - Top Rated Shareware ~ 10,000 virus-free programs
Zacks Investment Research, Inc. ~ a highly rated site for info on picking stocks
Zant's Webpage Publishing Guide ~ brief list of helpful places to go for Web page design / publication
ZDNet~ Ziff Davis' official home page leads you to other professional pages
ZebWorld ~ a growing family's personal award winning page
Zen and the Art of the Internet - Table of Contents ~ a beginner's guide to the Internet - first edition January 1992
Ziff-Davis Magazines ~ from Computer Shopper to PC Magazine and more - see their best
Ziggy ~ catch last week's printed favorite and all the other great archives
Zip2 Home Page ~ search over 16 million businesses across town and the country
Zippy the Pinhead ~ daily toon brought to you by the Gate
Zoe's Playground Introduction ~ a fine presentation home page from an artist / programmer who has lots to offer
Zstuff West Coast ~ home of computtoons and zany zoo comics - every HTML / Netscape code trick used

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